Blaze Orange Camo Hunting Gear & Clothing

Where safety and concealment meet.

Orange camo is made with blaze orange, the most visible color to the human eye. Also known as hunter or safety orange, high-intensity blaze orange is extremely vivid and easily identified as unnatural, helping to protect the wearer from becoming a target. In most states, blaze orange clothing is a big game hunting requirement that helps ensure hunter safety.

Stand out while blending in with Natural Gear's orange hunting camo. Our patterns are created from years of research in camouflage science. Our blaze orange camouflage will meet many, but not all, states' hunting rules and legislation – there are several states where blaze orange clothing must be non-patterned. States also may not require blaze orange for every type of hunting.

Natural Gear has solid blaze orange and orange camo hats that comply with varying local regulations. Our men's blaze orange camo safety vest is worn over other natural patterns to keep you hidden from most animals and instantly recognizable to other hunters. Shop the blaze orange collection now to stay safe, concealed and lawful on your next hunt.

(Check Local Blaze Camo Regulations)