Snow Camo Hunting Clothes & Gear

The most effective winter camouflage.

When winter temperatures turn the landscape white, you need snow camo to stay concealed. Natural Gear has the best snow camo – a scientifically-backed pattern that has stood the test of time.

Snow camouflage is white and black so that you can be invisible against a backdrop of snow and bare branches. Our snow camouflage gear is quiet and moisture-blocking to keep you dry and silent in the field.

We've made it easy for you to cover up your existing insulated camo so you can extend winter hunting without needing to purchase a complete set of new snow camo hunting clothes. For serious winter hunters who need insulated snow camouflage clothes, we have full attire with our proven snow camo patterns. We also have assorted fleece-lined headgear and cold weather hunting gear for stealth and warmth.