The Science of Camouflage

The Science of Camouflage

Use camouflage science to hunt smarter, not harder.

Natural Gear is centered around camouflage science, research and results with a primary purpose in mind, to make you more successful on your hunt. Because our focus and priority is centered around blending in, we rely on several advanced scientific principles that we developed over years of research. Using soft edged photographic images of natural elements, true colors of nature and complex vertical patterns, we cracked the code on disappearing naturally with effective camouflage. We’re not the kind of company that relies on the latest merchandising trends, colorful artistic patterns and gimmicks. We’d rather make our statement by helping you come home successful after a day out.


The Law of Change

Mother Nature created laws that remain unchanged. At Natural Gear, we follow them, not the latest merchandising trend.


The Law of Tone

Our patterns are centered around a photographically derived natural occurring mid tone found in nature.


The Law of Gravity

Nature grows and represents itself vertically. Our camouflage intentionally mimics those natural vertical shapes and shadows.


The Law of Shadows

They occur naturally, so you don’t need to add them in your camo.


The Law of Definition

Soft, blurry edges are difficult to focus on. Our camouflage patterns intentionally confuse the eye by remaining obscure and non-defined.


The Law of Open

Keeping our pattern open and void of distinct, dark objects allows it to blend with the surrounding elements. Nature does it best, we just follow her lead.


The Law of Versatility

We use a naturally occurring foundation tone that is clutter free and nonspecific. It’s incredible versatility allows you to use it in nearly all situations.


The Law of Reality

Natural Gear is centered on a core of science, subtlety and a successful hunt. The reality is, we blend better.

Original "Natural" Original "Natural" Original "Natural" Original "Natural"

Naturalgear Patterns

Original "Natural"

The Original Natural is the one that started it all and is still our most popular pattern 25 years later. Because it was created using Natural Gear’s laws of soft edges, naturally occurring tones, and vertical orientation found in nature, it is incredibly versatile for use in multiple seasons and environments. Whether you’re in the woods, the desert, or the swamp, this pattern can adapt to its surroundings. This is the one that made us famous.

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SC2 Green SC2 Green SC2 Green SC2 Green

Naturalgear Patterns

SC2 Green

The SC2 (Science 2) was added to the Natural Gear family in 2004 for use in heavy lush green vegetation, which is an excellent option for Spring and Early Fall hunts. Utilizing the same science as the Original Natural Pattern, an additional layer of mossy green provides an extra lush color palette.

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Fields Fields Fields Fields

Naturalgear Patterns


Fields is Natural Gear’s newest pattern and was created to conceal in specific environments such as rice, beans, and buckbrush. We hand harvested actual elements from local farms and using Natural Gear laws, arranged them in the same vertically oriented pattern that would occur naturally. Next, we used an underlay of our color corrected original Natural Pattern to imitate Mother Nature’s light and shadows on the ground. The result is one of our most elaborate and effective camouflage patterns to date.

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Snow Snow Snow Snow

Naturalgear Patterns


The Snow Pattern, introduced in 1996, is arguably the most effective winter camo pattern to date utilizing the same time-tested science found in our Original Natural Pattern. Adapting the depth and contrast of the base layers while changing the colors to white and black, effectively created a new version of the tried and true original that works perfectly in winter.

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Blaze Blaze Blaze Blaze

Naturalgear Patterns


The Blaze Camo Pattern, introduced in 2006, was developed for two purposes: hunters needed to follow laws mandating safety orange while also blending in. Because deer don’t see colors the way humans do, we kept it simple by using Natural Gear laws of vertically oriented layers and soft, blurry edges over a safety orange base. The result is our Blaze Orange that keeps you as invisible to big game as our Natural Original Pattern. Be sure to check your local or state hunting regulations to confirm Natural Gear Blaze Camo Pattern is in compliance, as rules and regulations vary.

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