Waterfowl Camo Hunting Clothes

Our Waterfowl Camo Pattern.

Fields camo, the latest addition to the Natural Gear arsenal of proven, effective camouflage, is waterfowl camo at its finest. We created the Fields waterfowl hunting clothes pattern using hand-harvested materials straight from environments like rice fields and bean farms.

Ducks and geese can detect minute color differences, making waterfowl camouflage that matches its surroundings a necessity. Our waterfowl camo patterns were developed using the same principles as all our scientifically backed, time-tested patterns: natural colors and tones in vertical, non-defined shapes. The result is waterfowl hunting clothing uniquely suited for fields, backwaters and marsh.

Ours is the best waterfowl camo to keep you concealed in environments where cover is sparse. For a successful hunt, shop Natural Gear for Fields waterfowl camo and find other specialized patterns like snow camo to achieve the coverage you need any time, any place.