Fields Mid Pro 6 Panel Ball Cap

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Fields Mid Pro 6 Panel Ball Cap

The Natural Gear "Fields" Cotton Camo Ball Cap is the perfect hat to shield your eyes and conceal your face and head while you’re scoping out that trophy buck. Designed with a six-panel construction, adjustable fit, custom chameleon logo on crown and natural camo pattern, the Natural Gear "Fields" cotton ball cap will keep you protected and under the radar on early season hunts.

  • Breathable Cotton
  • Mid Pro Structured Design
  • Six-Panel Design
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Custom Chameleon Logo
  • Fields Camo Pattern
  • OSFM


Fields Fields Fields Fields

Naturalgear Patterns


Fields is Natural Gear’s newest pattern and was created to conceal in specific environments such as rice, beans, and buckbrush. We hand harvested actual elements from local farms and using Natural Gear laws, arranged them in the same vertically oriented pattern that would occur naturally. Next, we used an underlay of our color corrected original Natural Pattern to imitate Mother Nature’s light and shadows on the ground. The result is one of our most elaborate and effective camouflage patterns to date.

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