Fleece Camo Pullover

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Fleece Camo Pullover

Mid-Weight Fleece Pullover Hoodie

The Natural Gear mid-weight fleece camo pullover is a perfect layering item that can be worn alone on milder days and under a heavier garment when it's colder. This hunting camo pullover is soft and completely silent, made from a breathable mid-weight 300g polyester fleece. With a 1/4 zip pullover design for easy on and off, it pairs perfectly with the fleece wader pant and all our fleece assorted apparel. 

  • 300g Lightweight Fleece
  • Breathable
  • 1/4 Zip Design
  • Soft and Silent
  • Original "Natural" Pattern
  • Full Cut
Original "Natural" Original "Natural" Original "Natural" Original "Natural"

Naturalgear Patterns

Original "Natural"

The Original Natural is the one that started it all and is still our most popular pattern 25 years later. Because it was created using Natural Gear’s laws of soft edges, naturally occurring tones, and vertical orientation found in nature, it is incredibly versatile for use in multiple seasons and environments. Whether you’re in the woods, the desert, or the swamp, this pattern can adapt to its surroundings. This is the one that made us famous.

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