Waterfowl Wading Vest


The Natural Gear Waterfowl Wading Vest is designed with the waterfowl hunter in mind and, most importantly, with the high quality our customers expect from all Natural Gear products. This waterfowl wader vest consists of a 900D waterproof material to keep you dry, followed with a short cut to keep it out of the water. Complete with dual magnetic chest pockets to keep noise to a minimum and over 40 shell loops ensuring this bird hunting wader vest has plenty of room for ammunition. However, that's not all; we know how chilly it gets out there in the water, so this camo wading vest also boasts fleece-lined hand warmer pockets to keep hands nimble when they need to work quickly. The Natural Gear Waterfowl Wading Vest is packed full of all the bells and whistles any bird hunter will want at a price that won't break the bank, making this natural camouflage wading vest the perfect addition to your hunting wardrobe.

  • 900D Waterproof Material
  • Magnetic Chest Pockets
  • 40+ Shell Loops
  • Fleece Lined Hand Pockets
  • Short Cut to keep out of water 



Original "Natural" Original "Natural" Original "Natural" Original "Natural"

Naturalgear Patterns

Original "Natural"

The Original Natural is the one that started it all and is still our most popular pattern 25 years later. Because it was created using Natural Gear’s laws of soft edges, naturally occurring tones, and vertical orientation found in nature, it is incredibly versatile for use in multiple seasons and environments. Whether you’re in the woods, the desert, or the swamp, this pattern can adapt to its surroundings. This is the one that made us famous.

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